Research Support

We promote research by offering comprehensive support in the management and implementation of clinical studies.

We provide advice, solutions and structures that accompany the investigator throughout the clinical study process, from design to execution, guaranteeing compliance with all ethical and regulatory standards and ensuring the quality and validity of the research.

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  • Design

    The research team, through observation, formulates a research question and idea.

    Research team
  • Approval

    In this phase, it is necessary to prepare the documentation, select the study personnel, obtain the necessary approvals (Ethics Committee, Autonomous Communities, and regulatory agencies), and finally, sign the contracts and register the study on the corresponding platforms.

    CRO - Contract Research Organization
  • CTU team working in the office


    In this phase, all study documents are created (investigator’s file, recruitment materials, among others), and the data collection notebook is developed. Logistic and coordination tasks are carried out to implement the study. Finally, the initiation visit is conducted, during which all key points of the project are reviewed.

    CRO - Contract Research Organization
    CTU - Clinical Trials Unit
  • Manipulationg lab test tube


    The search and selection of participants are carried out. Study procedures are performed (obtaining informed consent, scheduling study visits, and conducting and tracking procedures). The study is monitored to ensure compliance with regulations and adherence to the research protocol. After its conclusion, the closing visit is conducted.

    CRO - Contract Research Organization
    CTU - Clinical Trials Unit
  • Analysis

    Data exports are carried out for analysis purposes. These are interpreted in order to address the hypotheses and objectives outlined in the protocol’s design. Finally, the results of the questions posed and the conclusions drawn are documented.

    CRO - Contract Research Organization
  • Communication

    Based on the evidence found, the results are published in scientific journals and specialized conferences to enhance the knowledge of the scientific community.

    ScienHub Education


Our success lies in the combined efforts from the CRO and CTU teams that provide thorough support to the research team.

  • CRO

    Contract Research Organization

    We provide advice on all procedures related to the submission, documentation, start-up, development and completion of a clinical study, ensuring compliance with regulations and good clinical practices, as well as the final success of the project.

  • CTU

    Clinical Trials Unit

    Taking blood for analytics

    We handle the implementation of all the procedures of a clinical trial, applying strict compliance with current regulations and guaranteeing the rights, safety and well-being of the participants, as well as the quality and traceability of the data obtained.

Soc Recerca

A platform for recruiting volunteers interested in participating in clinical trials aimed at improving medical research and global health.


What do they think of us?

  • The clinical research team is possibly one of the best I have ever worked with in my career as a monitor, and I’ve been doing this for over 12 years!

    HIV Study Monitor
    ScienHub Research Support - CTU
  • The level of satisfaction obtained by different promoters regarding the work carried out by ScienHub Research Support – CTU is 4.66 out of 5.

    Activity Report 2023
    ScienHub Research Support - CTU
  • A truly good service, with close communication between the promoter and the CRO, but also independence in carrying out delegated tasks.

    Júlia Corominas


Check out some of the latest projects we’ve worked on.

  • Clinical Trial: HOLA

    The HOLA trial seeks to evaluate the feasibility of administering cabotegravir and rilpivirine intramuscularly in extrahospital centers in Spain for HIV patients. Currently in the recruitment phase, over 50% of the anticipated participants have been randomized across various hospitals and community centers. The research team, in collaboration with ScienHub Research Support, is overcoming obstacles and identifying facilitating factors, aiming to determine the viability of this intramuscular administration outside the hospital setting.

  • Esquistosomiasi


    The SCHISTO-STOP study, which focuses on implementing a schistosomiasis detection strategy among immigrant populations at epidemiological risk, has yielded encouraging preliminary results. Collaboration between researchers and ScienHub Research Support teams has enabled the study to be completed as planned, yielding promising results that could have a significant impact on global strategies to improve the quality of life for this vulnerable population group.

    Learn more
  • Clinical Trials in Spain for INSIGHT

    Currently, ScienHub Research Support is offering assistance for two clinical trials underway in Spain under the International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials (INSIGHT). ScienHub Research Support’s CTU is responsible for orchestrating the study’s implementation at the HUGTiP. Their duties include executing visit procedures meticulously outlined in the protocol. Simultaneously, ScienHub Research Support’s CRO is diligently handling bureaucratic procedures and providing crucial management support. Furthermore, they are managing monitoring activities at various participating centers scattered throughout Spain.

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