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We offer accredited, independent and high-quality educational activities on a wide range of medical and scientific topics.

Medicine and science are dynamic fields that demand ongoing education and the regular update of knowledge. Our specialized unit is dedicated to knowledge dissemination, aiming to maintain a high standard of education and encourage continuous learning by arranging accredited courses, seminars, and workshops. These initiatives not only facilitate the acquisition of current knowledge but also cultivate a favorable atmosphere that promotes knowledge sharing and personal development.

Our mission is to foster learning and sharing science by creating appropriate spaces for health professionals to optimize their competences by learning new developments, sharing ideas and establishing collaborations.


We offer tailored solutions ranging from the integral management of the event, to support in specific aspects, such as:

We offer tailored solutions ranging from the integral management of the event, to support in specific aspects, such as:

  • Planning and advisory services

    Activity planning can involve complex processes such as fundraising and obtaining national and international accreditations, which enable the evaluation of training quality and the granting of continuing education credits to participants.

    Available Services

    • Project design and advisory, supported by our own scientific committee.
    • Assistance in developing the scientific program.
    • Creation of sponsorship proposals for funding requests.
    • Management and fundraising search.
    • Budget administration.
    • Preparation of documents and processing of international and national accreditations.
    • Search for and obtaining scientific endorsements.
    • Conducting satisfaction surveys and preparing reports.
  • Excellence in logistics

    Our logistics organization is grounded in excellence and developed in collaboration with trusted providers. We provide a personalized approach to both speakers and participants in each activity.

    Available Services

    • Coordination and assistance to members of the scientific committee and speakers.
    • Identification and management of suppliers, including venues and catering services.
    • Flight and accommodation reservations for speakers and attendees.
    • Implementation of registration platforms.
    • Management of invitations and registrations.
    • Real-time and delayed online broadcasting solutions.
    • Assistance with exhibitions and booths.
    • On-site event coordination.
    • Management of entertainment activities (receptions, speaker dinners, guided tours, etc.).
  • Strategic communication

    Communication plays a fundamental role in the success of our activities. We design customized solutions that direct key messages to the target audience.

    Available Services

    • Development of customized websites with registration capabilities.
    • Comprehensive website management.
    • Creation of graphic identity, including logo design and promotional materials.
    • Design and development of promotional materials tailored to specific audiences.
    • Email services, including composition and distribution.
    • Database-based search and management of mailing lists.


What do they think of us?

  • Gathering real experts on the human microbiome was a great experience and very instructive to understand how the microbiome molds a lot of assets in our lives.

    The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome, 2023
  • I believe that the different presentations were conducted in a very pleasant manner, fitting well within the established time slots and with short breaks, which prevented any information overload. The content of the presentations was also highly interesting, and the way they were explained was generally very didactic and engaging.

    Nuevos Avances en Reumatología e Implicaciones Terapéuticas, 2023
  • Everything was perfect and communication was very clear as well. The whole conference was very informative, thank you for the great learning opportunity!

    Aging in HIV, 2023


Check out some of our recent events and activities.

  • Nuevos avances en reumatología e implicaciones terapéuticas

    The 2nd edition of the event took place in Cordoba and was attended by 162 participants, ready to enter the world of management of major chronic rheumatisms. During the event, exciting new horizons in therapeutic targets were explored and the intriguing role of the exogenome in IMIDs was unravelled.

    Learn more
  • The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome

    The event, aimed primarily at researchers and clinicians specialising in the Microbiome, attracted more than 120 attendees interested in the topic. In addition, 26 posters were presented, providing an up-to-date picture of the latest research, and authors had the opportunity to share their work.

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  • Clinical Topics in Antiretroviral Therapy workshop

    On 22-23 September, we held the 6th edition of this conference, with the participation of 97 attendees from more than 14 different countries. The main objective of the programme was to update and review the latest practices in the field of antiretroviral treatment.


    Learn more

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