The BCN Debates on the Human Microbiome

The 10th edition of The BCN Debates on the Human Microbiome , organized by IrsiCaixa and ScienHub , brought together international experts who presented the latest studies on the factors that affect and alter the composition of the microbiota.

Dr Roger Paredes , coordinator of the debates, researcher at IrsiCaixa, and head of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol , explained that “The role of the microbiota in our health is key.” He highlighted that the microbiota is responsible for digesting and metabolizing what we eat, as well as responding immunologically to the challenges it faces.

Additionally, Dr Arnau Vich Vila, a postdoctoral researcher in intestinal diseases at KU Leuven , commented that “It is an ecosystem, and each of these bacteria has a genome that evolves. It’s like having a city with different people, where each one performs a different function, and each is slightly different from the other.”

The event also coincided with the World Microbiome Day , which was celebrated with a Castellers exhibition.

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