The CTU unit participates in the National Congress on AIDS and STIs

The CTU unit from ScienHub Research Support presented two posters at the XXI National Congress on AIDS and STIs, organized by SEISIDA. The congress focused on the theme “The Ages of HIV,” addressing various perspectives and challenges related to aging and the diversity of PLHIV.

  • “Beyond Comorbidities: Over50 Cohort of PLHIV ≥ 50 Years Old Compared to a Control Group”: The results showed a higher prevalence of sleep disorders, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, falls, depression, and loneliness in PLHIV compared to a control group. This underscores the need for specific approaches to geriatric care in PLHIV.
  • “Redesigning HIV Care: A Significant Shift in the Profile of Individuals Newly Diagnosed with HIV”: The study concluded that there has been a significant increase in HIV diagnoses in primary care, suggesting a possible lack of information about the infection, a greater diversity of affected population groups, an increase in detection among women, and an increase in AIDS diagnoses. This highlights the need to adopt differentiated approaches for newly diagnosed individuals.

The participation of the CTU team in the congress underscores our commitment to research, advancing the understanding and improvement of care for people with HIV.

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