Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging

Last April, ScienHub Education organized the 2nd workshop as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging with the aim of consolidating the recognition of the Fight Infections Foundation as specialists in HIV and Aging. In 2023, the foundation was accredited as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging by the Gilead Sciences program, highlighting its dedication to research, treatment, and care for people living with HIV.

The training, aimed at a small group of medical professionals from hospital centers in Catalonia, was designed with the goal of ensuring healthy aging and a better quality of life, addressing medical, social, psychosocial, functional, cognitive, and geriatric aspects.

Dr. Eugènia Negredo, head of the HIV section at the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital and researcher at the Fight against Infections Foundation, coordinated the workshop. The activity involved experts from her team and regular collaborators, thus reinforcing the foundation’s commitment to excellence in HIV and aging care.

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