23 Feb 2022

Taller práctico sobre CHEMSEX – Role-playing y casos clínicos 2022

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Spanish
  • Centro LGTBI, Barcelona



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ChemSex is a practice characterised by the intentional use of certain drugs for the purpose of having sex over a long period of time between gay men, bisexual men, other men who have sex with men (MSM) and, more recently, people of other sexual identities.
In recent years, an increase in the number of people – mainly men – with problems related to the use of these substances has been detected. Apart from mental health problems, there are other problems such as an increase in HIV infections and other STIs (viral hepatitis, bacterial STIs, etc.), as the use of these drugs is associated with a lower or non-use of preventive measures. All this implies a challenge for the health authorities and for the professionals who care for these users.

For this reason, a practical training programme is proposed, in which a maximum of 15 participants will take part in a group dynamic using the technique known as Role-Playing. In this, different situations will be simulated in which the student will assume the role of the professional who must attend to the ChemSex user, putting theory into practice and assimilating new concepts, with the aim of learning how to deal with ChemSex and what resources are available.


  • Pep Coll

    Clinical Cohorts Coordinator

    BCN Checkpoint, Barcelona, Spain. Fundació Lluita Contra les Infeccions i IrsiCaixa, Badalona, Spain.



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