02 Nov
03 Nov 2017

Aging in HIV 2017

  • HIV
  • On-site
  • English
  • Museo Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Buenos Aires, Argentina



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One day and a half live interactive workshop where local and international experts present the hot topics in the management of HIV/AIDS in aging people.

During the last decade, we have seen remarkable improvements on HIV treatments. In some countries, such improvements have allowed controlling HIV infection with high efficacy and reasonably simple treatment schedules, but it has also shifted the profile of HIV patients, who now tend to be increasingly aged. Overall, it is estimated that 50% of HIV-infected subjects are over 50 years of age and the proportion of infected people older than 65 years grew 10-fold in the last years.

The increased life expectancy together with the HIV-related chronic inflammation and the long exposure to some antiretroviral drugs are the main reasons of the accelerated aging in HIV-infected patients. This scenario carries new challenges for healthcare professionals, who have now to provide health care to patients with a significant comorbidity burden and polypharmacy treatments.

This edition will take place in Barcelona.

Official website: www.aginghiv.com


  • Bonaventura Clotet

    President of the Fight Infections Foundation and Director of the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute

    Fundació Lluita contra les Infeccions, Badalona, Spain. Institut d'Investigació del Sida IrsiCaixa i Institut Català de la Salut, Badalona, Spain.

  • Pedro Cahn

    Scientific Director of Fundación Huésped

    Fundación Huésped, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


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