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  • Project HOLA: A new, more accessible and convenient treatment for people with HIV

    The HOLA study will be offering a new intramuscular injectable medication every two months (Cabotegravir LA + Rilpivirine LA), at Primary Care Centers (CAP) and Community Centers.

    The combination of Long-Acting Cabotegravir and Rilpivirine is the first injectable treatment for HIV to be approved in Spain, whose main importance resides in that it drastically reduces the frequency of administration in comparison with other available treatments, from daily to every two months. However, since its recent approval in Spain, this medication was only available in hospitals. ScienHub and the Fight Infections Foundation team are collaborating on the HOLA study, which gives now people living with HIV the opportunity to benefit from this treatment with more convenient and accessible options at the Checkpoint Community Center and Dr. Robert CAP. Furthermore, this is a multicenter study and involves healthcare centers located in Andalusia.

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